Our Approach

Premier Heritage incorporates a time tested, six step approach
that helps you organize your personal finances, and prioritize
ong-term and
short-term financial goals:

1. We establish and define your client relationship

Your financial planner will discuss  our financial services and define
both his and your responsibilities

2. We gather relevant financial data and review goals

Your financial planner will ask for information about your financial
and work with you to prioritize your goals

3. We analyze and evaluate your financial status

Your financial planner analyzes your financial data, assess your
situation, and evaluates alternatives to help meet your goals

4. We develop and present different alternatives

Your financial planner will offer financial planning options that
address your goals, based on the information you provide. Your
planner will then go over the recommendations with you to help
you understand them, so that you can make informed decisions

5. We implement the financial planning strategies*

You and your planner will agree on how the recommendations will
be carried out. The planner develops a timeline and helps you
implement the recommendations, or simply serves as a "coach"
coordinating the process in conjunction with other professionals
such as insurance brokers, trust officers, accountants, or attorneys

6. We monitor financial planning recommendations

You and your planner will agree on how often you will meet and
communicate, to monitor your progress towards your goals. It is
best to meet regularly to adjust to your changing circumstances.

*You are under no obligation to impliment financial products or services
(i.e. insurance or investment products, wills, trusts, etc...) that correspond
with our recommendations, with our firm or any unaffiliated company(s).